Maie Ayoub has 40 years of experience working at increasingly senior management levels for human rights-based development and communications in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe.
Her skills are related to: Human-rights based situational assessments and programming; training and facilitation; fund- raising and donor relations. She has a proven track record in evidence-based strategic planning and high-quality implementation, political awareness and judgment, partnership building, and agency comparative advantage. Maie is a life-long activist for women and child right, specialized in broad partnership building, strategic alliances and evidence-based action. Characterised by flexibility and a strong belief in inclusionary attitudes and actions with areas of expertise in strategic communication, health and nutrition, child labour and sexual exploitation, illegal migration of minors, and decentralised planning for women ad child rights.




Associate Overview:

 Languages: English, French, Arabic

 Academic Degrees: B.A. Mass Communication, M.A. Near Eastern Studies// Communication, programming, management

 Countries worked:Lebanon, Ethiopia, Romania, Morocco

Technical/Program Areas of Expertise: Adolescent Development & Participation, Child Protection, Child Rights, Communications, Communication for Development, Education, Gender, Health, Maternal, newborn, & child health (MNCH), Polio and other disease outbreaks, People with Disabilities, Immunization, Nutrition, Violence against children, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)