Nihad Gohar is a former UN official, who has worked for the International Labour Organization, UNICEF and UNWOMEN. She has worked in the field of child protection, gender equality and the empowerment of women. She has more than 15 years of experience in development work and has experience in program planning and management, research, human rights based programming and strategic planning. She has worked as a Senior Child Protection Consultant for UNHCR. Nihad has drafted two regional strategies in cooperation with UNHCR and the League of Arab States, a child protection strategy for refugees in the Arab region and a Sexual and Gender-Based Violence strategy for refugees. Nihad has a Ph.D. in Political Science. She has excellent research, analytical skills and policy analysis skills.





Associate Overview:

 Languages: Arabic, English, German, French

Academic Degrees: Ph.D. in Political Science/ child protection, gender equality and empowerment of women

Countries worked: Egypt, MENA region

 Technical/Program Areas of Expertise:  Child Protection, Child Rights, Gender, Violence against children