Cynthia DeWindt

Cynthia DeWindt

Cynthia WindtMs. DeWindt is a  facilitator with over 30 years experience in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean in support of organizational development, team building, human resource development, social marketing and social mobilization activities. She designs and facilitates complex interventions including ‘Future Search’ conferences and learning events in Social and Behaviour Change Communication [SBCC or C4D] and incorporates client and consumers’ issues as components of participatory community development programs. Cynthia has a keen interest in development programs, which involve the communities -for whom they are intended- incorporating them from inception through the evaluation phases, including substantial training components, design and production of training materials, likes the challenge of work that requires innovation and creative application of organizational and managerial skills and enjoys work as a member of a multi-disciplinary and culturally diverse team.

She holds a teaching certificate from Curacao and M.Ed from Harvard University. As a  Dutch-Caribbean national who is multi-lingual, her mother tongue is Dutch and she is fluent in Spanish, English and French as well as Papiamentu and Bahasa Indonesia.


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3 June, 2018