Robert Johnson has twenty years international experience as UN adviser in public policy development, human rights monitoring and reporting, and UN System country-level development and strategic planning. He also previously worked 10+ years as head of public policy and programme development and coordination within the Australian public sector (labour market/employment, youth policy) and as Ministerial policy adviser (health, justice). Since 2001, Robert has based in Central America, South-East Asia, and Southern and Eastern Africa, undertaking 25 UN assignments in Country and Resident Coordinator’s Offices in more than a dozen countries, including regional assignments to African Union and on UNICEF Horn of Africa interventions, and in highly vulnerable situations (including Palestine and Yemen). More recently, he has a technical focus mainly on UN country program development (UNDAFs, CPDs, etc) within the framework of national development planning, UN human rights obligations and MDG/SDG performance, especially documenting the situation of children, gender and income inequality and poverty reduction.




Associate Overview:


 Academic Degrees: Master of Public & International Law (human rights), Master of International Development, Master of Public Policy, Bachelor of Arts (majors in radical political theory; and feminist theory & gender policy

 Countries worked: Australia, Belize, Timor-Leste, Namibia, Kenya, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia (African Union), Madagascar, Palestine, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

 Technical/Program Areas of Expertise:  Adolescent Development & Participation, Child Protection, Child Rights, Climate Change, Early Childhood Development, Gender, People with Disabilities, Social protection & Policy, Violence against children