JoAnna Pollonais

JoAnnaJoAnna Pollonais has more than nine years experience in strategic communications and has collaborated with organizations and companies in both the public and private sectors. Though she has completed assignments for corporations like L’Oreal, Samsung and Siemens, JoAnna’s main work area is in the field of humanitarian aid and development. She has worked with many international organizations in Europe, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa, including Transparency International, the Danish Red Cross, CARE, IDRC, IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP and UN Women.

JoAnna understands the importance of having communication tools/strategy/documentation that can address complex issues and changing environments in a concise way. Her capacity as a communication professional allows her to advocate for development issues – e.g. governance, women’s empowerment, environment, youth, human rights and community building – in an engaging manner. Making a point of finding a balance between the technical and creative aspects of her work, JoAnna provides ongoing support in developing and implementing communications strategies that cover a broad spectrum of policies and issues; providing organizational assistance on the creation, modification and use of communications tools and resources; acting as a media relations and donor liaison; providing report/grant writing, advocacy and editing support; generating content for external dissemination (newsletters, web reports, feature articles and human interest stories); creating and managing social networking platforms, and event planning for campaigns and launching program initiatives.

JoAnna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Communication from the University of Calgary in Canada, and an MSc in Development and International Affairs <with a focus on Communication for Development (C4D,) governance and public-private partnerships)>from Aalborg University in Denmark. She is aa Canadian national; fluent in English and French and has an upper intermediate level grasp of German and Arabic.